The CodeOp Podcast – Meet a Student: Olga Dayneko – from QA engineer to developer

In the second episode of the podcast we chat with Olga Dayneko, a current student from our remote full-stack development 11-week course about how she decided to learn to code and what it was like doing the bootcamp.

Listen to the full episode and get all the deets here:

In the episode we cover:

O1:10 Olga introduces herself

01:45 What Olga was doing before the bootcamp

02:15 How she ended up becoming a QA engineer

03:20 How she decided to learn to code

05:00 Why she picked CodeOp as her bootcamp of choice

05:25 What makes CodeOp stand out as a community and coding bootcamp

06:30 What is it like doing a remote coding bootcamp

08:20 A walkthrough of an example day in a remote coding bootcamp

09:54 About the CodeOp teaching team

11:38 About CodeOp events

13:00 Her thoughts on the career coaching

14:30 What her classmates are like

15:20 Was she afraid to start the bootcamp

16:00 Memorable moments during the bootcamp

18:30 Final words for anyone that things they want to learn to code but may still be hesitant

19:45 Closing

Do you have a friend that wants to learn to code but is still hesitant? Feel free to share Olga’s story with them! 💪🏼 👍🏻 👩‍💻