The CodeOp Podcast: Meet a Student, Hyojung – from Neuroscience to Data Analytics

In this episode of the podcast we chat with Hyojung, a current student from our remote 26-week part time data analytics course about how she decided to learn to code and what it is like doing the bootcamp.

Hyojung is a student in the 26 week part-time data analytics course at CodeOp. In this episode we chat about her decision to go from studying neuroscience to switching to learn data analytics as well as her experience of the bootcamp.

Listen to the full episode and get all the deets here:

In this episode we cover:

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Hyojung introduces herself
01:34 How she decided to learn to code
03:01 How she found out about CodeOp and why she decided to study at CodeOp
04:10 About her experience in the part time data analytics course
04:55 On whether she was afraid to learn to code
05:53 What she has learnt in the data analytics program and what she is going to learn
06:50 What it’s like doing a remote bootcamp?
08:08 What her classmates are like
08:30 Her thoughts on the instructors
09:47 Her thoughts on her own progress
10:30 Similarities and differences between data analytics and being a researcher
11:25 What she wants to do after the bootcamp
12:35 On her research with online courses before the bootcamp
13:50 What people think of data analytics back in South Korea
15:15 How she found out about the world of code
16:36 Her advice to someone interested in studying data analytics but still kind of hesitant
17:00 Closing

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