Data Science

Full time (11 weeks) | Part-time (26 weeks)

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Level-up your career with a complete toolbox to become a skilled data analyst and/or an entry-level data scientist.

Your route to build a complete data science skill set

Our Data Science course provides you with an industry-ready toolkit to build your data science career, while creating multiple portfolio pieces to showcase your new skill set.

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Statistics and Machine Learning Access and create datasets from Relational Databases using SQL
  • Get hands-on training using libraries in Python: NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Scikit-learn, and more
  • Collaborate on the development of projects using Git Learn to utilise cloud services
  • Get exposed to processing alternative data formats including: time series, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Geospatial data

Why this course is different

We put a lot of emphasis on learning the complete Data Science toolkit, which prepares you to become both a successful data analyst as well as an entry level data scientist. Here's how we offer our students that little bit more to give them the industry edge:

  • We don't just cover the fundamental concepts, but also hands-on, real-life application cases
  • We expose students to expert instructors from various backgrounds, both from the industry and academia
  • Our students get the opportunity to finish personal data science projects guided by experts in the field
  • We offer customized career support and preparation during and after the bootcamp

Our eight-module curriculum guarantees our graduates are industry-ready

Introduction to Programming

Learn the foundations of programming and how to code in Python
Activity: Write a simple application in Python

Programming for Data Science

Understand the data analysis pipeline, review the data science foundations using probability, statistics & basic data analysis, and learn classic data analysis methods such as regression and classification
Activity: Create a predictive model with a given dataset

Infrastructure and SQL

Learn how to use Linux/Bash and Docker, review SQL and relational databases
Activity: Create and query a relational database on Linux using Docker


Review basic statistics concepts, such as probabilities, central tendency measures and charts and graphs. Basic statistics lays the foundation for ML and Advanced Data Analysis.
Activity: Use statistical methods to analyse datasets using Jupyter notebooks.

Machine Learning

Learn the differences between supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods, and the different families of algorithms within each group (e.g.: regression, classification, clustering).
Activity: Create a predictive model for a given labelled dataset.

Advanced Data Science

Learn more advanced methods which deal with data types that are more complex than tables of numbers (e.g.: text, geospatial data, time-series, AB testing). In this module, we’ll cover specific methods that apply to these types of data, as well as how to pre-process them and visualize them.
Activity: Use ADA methods to analyse complex datasets.

Project Phase

Apply the knowledge gathered in the previous modules to a real use case, implementing a DA project, end-to-end. Learn how to work collaboratively and build a portfolio.
Project: Propose a problem and solve it using an ADA method. Cover all stages of the DA lifecycle in both an individual and a collaborative project.

Career Preparation

Prepare for job interviews through logical puzzles, data challenges, and practice sessions. Receive career coaching & support.

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Discover the data science student experience

Our Data Science bootcamp runs for 6 months (26 weeks) from 6:30pm to 9:30pm, Tuesday and Friday as well as 1-2 Saturdays a month.

In the first 18 weeks students work on familiarizing concepts through hands-on examples with instructors. Then, instructors guide students through their personal and group projects for the next six weeks. The last two weeks focus on developing a career in

Week 1-18

Week 19-24

Week 25-26





Showcase your new skill set
with a top portfolio

You'll work on at least two projects during the bootcamp, one individual and one team-based. Your data science instructor will spend 6-weeks guiding you through your project-work. Throughout the project phase, you'll have feedback sessions (twice a week) to help you develop your project from start to finish.


Meet the team behind our industry leading course

Our instructors bring a ton of experience and energy to your technical education. They’ll act as your teacher, adviser, and guide throughout the course, providing personalized feedback to help you build confidence in developing your engineering-mindset.


Get total support from
start to finish

Enjoy unrivalled attention and support with class sizes of only 15 students. A ratio of 1 instructor for every 5 students guarantees one-on-one attention, faster learning, and stronger relationships.

Your support team


These are the real experts; they code for fun and come with 12+ years of industry experience. Their role is to direct you through the course content and teach you best practices so that you can grow in your knowledge, skills and confidence in the best, most efficient way possible.


The bridge between the instructor and the students. In most cases they've been through the bootcamp themselves and so can relate to and empathise with the students' experience. Their role is to support you during activity time as well as with any additional technical support needed.


The role of the career coach is to prepare you for post-bootcamp life in the best way possible. They play an important role in helping you identify your strengths, weaknesses and transferable skills from your previous career and guiding you on the options available to you upon graduation.


Our dedication to your
career goals is second to none

We're committed to helping our students advance their careers in tech. Our support team works hard to make sure you get where you want to go in your data science career, and can hit the ground running once you're there.


Students are supported with careers coaching and training over the duration of the bootcamp. After, we continue to provide ongoing career support, as well as access to our graduate network of recruiters, job opportunities and recruitment fairs, mentors, events and more.


Through interactive workshops and lectures, students learn best practices and the latest tech from professionals in the industry. You'll have opportunities to learn about Agile methodologies, D3.js, Big Data, Open Source and privacy and ethics.


An intensive week of technical and career coaching workshops, presentations, and professional talks. The week culminates in a #IamRemarkable session—a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.


Because of our strong commitment to diversity, our community is one that recruiters and companies come to directly to find highly-trained candidates. We have a large hiring partner network to ensure our students can gain experience in the field, secure better jobs and further advance their tech careers.

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Join our courses in-person
or remotely

All courses are taught in Central European Time (CET).





Remote (Live online)


+€600 deposit

  • €300 discount when paid upfront
  • Break up the cost of tuition and pay over 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Low-interest financing options available
  • Income Shared Agreement: Pay after you find a job


+€600 deposit

  • €300 discount when paid upfront
  • Break up the cost of tuition and pay over 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Low-interest financing options available
  • Income Shared Agreement: Pay after you find a job

We offer a range of options to minimize the cost of tuition for all students, including scholarship opportunities for anyone who's eligible. You can explore the flexible payment options available on our detailed student financing and scholarships page.

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You can do it,
put your back into it

Discover what it takes to apply. We've pretty sure you've got it.

  • A statistical, technical, or Business Intelligence background
  • A good understanding in at least one of these areas:

    - Computer programming
    - Statistical analysis
    - Business intelligence

  • An analytical edge: Curiosity to ask questions and seek answers through delving into small and large data sets. The data does not speak.
  • B2 level of English
  • Empathy: It’s not going to be an easy ride, in fact, it will be an emotional rollercoaster. Which is why we want to encourage you to take care of each other and most importantly take care of yourself.
  • The motivation to upskill or transform your career
  • A computer and a stable internet connection
  • Industry experience: We’ve supported many women+, from research and academia, to gain the practical experience and portfolios needed to transition into the tech industry
  • Unlimited free time:Our courses are available both part-time and full-time so that you can find a learning pace that works best for you.
  • A competitive/toxic attitude

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