Product Management

Part-time (60 hours)


Shape your product management skills. Develop the know-how to define products that drive strong user adoption and revenue growth for companies.

Build your product management mindset

Our Product Management Course will help shape your tech career by developing your product management skills and mindset to think outside of the box and provide innovative solutions to any product problem.

  • Learn about Product/Market Fit—how to manage new products and explore new product ideas
  • Design Thinking: Develop an understanding of the people for whom we’re designing products or services
  • Innovative Product Thinking (or The Problem-Solution-Fit): Define the core user experience of a product
  • Lean Startup mindset and MVP Focus: User problem, vision, strategy, and goals
  • Think in products and build the right features for the right people
  • Define the target audience and the solution to create a new feature
  • Learn how to set up success metrics goals
  • Learn Agile Frameworks (Kanban, Scrum)
  • Utilise sprint planning and user stories
  • Learn user mapping/use-cases examples and exercises

Why this course is different

We teach a 360° approach to product management, where you'll learn to work cross-functionally—with different teams and stakeholders, all while considering various business goals—to go one step further. We introduce the fundamentals and essentials to understand stakeholders and product development teams: from engineers to business and UX/UI.

Being a product manager is a challenging role in any company, so we also explore communication skills and effective problem solving strategies. Throughout the course, you'll learn critical thinking, conflict resolution, and leadership styles—all essential parts of the role.


Our nine-module system guarantees our graduates are industry-ready.

Role of the Product Manager

What is a PM and how is it different from other roles?

Creating a hypothesis

What is the problem you want to solve and how should you gather data to support the value proposition?

Testing a hypothesis

How to validate the problem statement and in which ways do you want to measure the success of the validation

Scoping your MVP - part 1

Defining an MVP: Product features, user personas, product design, user stories/estimation, roadmap

Scoping your MVP - part 2

Product Releases and MVP improvements through feedback from quantitative and qualitative data (interviews, focus groups, usability tests etc)

MVP design and delivery

Learning the strategies and frameworks on getting your MVP to market.

Leveraging analytics for product reviews

Understand how to leverage analytics to allow you to make data-driven decisions on the product, foster a feedback culture, and define tactics that move the product closer to its goals.

Launch strategies

Explore strategies and tactics to engage the market, communicate the right message, and generate sales.

Sharpening skills

Learn other product concepts and skills to take your knowledge to a higher level, including how to fight unconscious biases found in product development and how to structure product management interviews and prepare for your next role

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Put your new skills
into practice

Over the course, you'll work on a project where you'll need to define your ideas and learnings, as well as create a product or service designed to solve a problem. During the definition of your product or service, you'll be expected to apply the techniques you've learnt over the entire course, from market research to product design.


Meet your PM instructor

Romina has a passion for building delightfully simple products consumers love to use every day. Over her career, she has built SaaS Products (B2B) and Payments APIs from scratch, delivering business value across different global markets and companies, while leading international and multi-disciplinary teams.


Get total support from
start to finish

With our small class sizes you're guaranteed one-on-one attention, faster learning, and stronger relationships.

Your support team


Their role is to direct you through the course content and teach you best practices so that you can grow in your knowledge, skills and confidence in the best, most efficient way possible. They'll also provide guidance via talk sessions to help prepare for interviews.


Their role is to support you during the course with any additional administrative support you may need, as well as helping you to connect with our tech community.


All courses are taught in Central European Time (CET).




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  • Low-interest financing options available

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  • A team player:
    As product managers are responsible for overseeing the whole process of the product lifecycle, they interact with ALL the relevant stakeholders. Therefore, exceptional interpersonal, communication and humility skills are some key ingredients for PM success.
  • A visionary:
    PMs tend to also get a thrill out of finding solutions to future problems. For this they need to understand the bigger picture, have the ability to critically question processes, and actively seek out innovative solutions to continuously improve.
  • A computer and a stable internet connection
  • Empathy:
    It’s not going to be an easy ride, in fact, it will be an emotional rollercoaster. Which is why we want to encourage you to take care of each other and most importantly take care of yourself
  • Experience working in the tech industry:
    You could be in marketing, or sales, or finance, or have studied Ancient History and still make the transition to becoming a product manager, as long as you can show and hone the relevant capabilities.
  • Unlimited free time:
    This course is part-time to allow students to fit it in around their schedule.

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Our Product Management course is taught online, so you can join us from your remote location.