Bumble Tech Academy

Become a Bumble Software Developer with a six-month training programme.

Applications for 2021 are now closed.

Bumble Tech Academy: Software developer

Bumble, the women-first social networking app, has partnered with CodeOp to offer a paid six-month technical training programme to women+ (inclusive of women, trans and nonbinary) who want to make the leap into tech. The programme will conclude with a job opportunity to work full-time at Bumble as a junior software developer.

Women+ (no technical background needed) will undergo technical training in full-stack development and Android mobile development.

Who this programme is for

This programme will be offered to a small cohort of women+, starting October 2021.
Applications now closed.

Application process

Applications to Bumble Tech Academy’s 2021 program are now closed.

Programme dates*

The programme will run full-time, Monday to Friday, with a pause after the first bootcamp for students to have a break over the holiday period. The second bootcamp will start in January 2022.

Oct 4 - Dec 17, 2021

Jan 3 - Mar 18, 2022

Mar 23 - Jul 8, 2022

Jul 8

Full Stack Development Course

Android Mobile Development Course

Onboarding at Bumble

Junior Software Engineer role begins

*These dates may be subject to change. Full and final programme plans will be communicated to those accepted onto the programme.

Helping women+ build
successful engineering careers

Become a developer at Bumble

Through Bumble Tech Academy, Bumble and CodeOp aim to encourage and support the transition of talent from underrepresented groups and communities to the tech sector. This programme is designed to address the unique obstacles faced by women+ who want to break into tech, with a goal to remove as many of these obstacles as possible. Bumble Tech Academy supports and provides mentorship throughout the entire tech journey—from paid training to a career as a developer in a mission-driven tech company that operates on a global scale.

Women+ are a key underrepresented group in engineering teams across the tech industry and they face a much larger barrier at being hired for technical entry-level positions. As a women-led company committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), Bumble has a deep-rooted interest in elevating women in tech. We want to continue to build on our mission of creating a world where all relationships are healthy and equitable, and that work starts from within. We’re excited to introduce this homegrown program to invest in a collective group of talented women+, and to serve as an active force for positive change by helping to remove gender disparity in tech.

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Bumble Tech Academy
Programme scope

  • All bootcamp costs will be covered, and trainees will receive an annual salary of €25,000 over the training period, as well as Bumble Barcelona office benefits:
    • Health insurance,
    • 2k annual training budget + time off for two tech conferences per year
    • Focus Fridays on the last Friday of every month
    • Flexible working hours
    • Hybrid workplace model: Working from home or office but within commuting distance from office.
    • English or Spanish language lessons
    • Annual merchandise budget
    • Premium app membership for Bumble app
    • First Friday Uber Eats Voucher on first Friday of the month
    • Team Buildings
    • High-end hardware
    • Pension Plan
    • Restaurant tickets
    • Gym
    • Nursery Ticket

Why we’re doing this:
We want to mitigate the financial barriers associated with transitioning to tech with a long-term salaried approach that supports women+, starting from the beginning.

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  • Students will get a comprehensive education and training that’s suitable for anyone who wants to transition into tech or upskill, allowing them to:
    • Develop the fundamental skills required to break into tech within a supportive and structured learning environment.
    • Develop specific skills based on the Bumble technology stack.

Why we’re doing this:
To ensure that students get trained on more than just the fundamentals. A comprehensive training programme will allow our trainees to feel comfortable, confident in their new skill set, and ready to start contributing to existing projects at Bumble.

  • Longtail onboarding: Students will build practical experience as part of a Bumble tech team in an environment that’s supportive of the entry-level/upskilling journey.

Why we’re doing this: Learning doesn’t stop as soon as the course finishes. It’s an ongoing journey that with continued practical experience, will allow our trainees to nurture their growth mindset. We’ll continue to be supportive of the entry-level/upskilling journey for every trainee.

  • Ongoing mentorship and support: Continued access–throughout and beyond the programme–to a support system of role models and mentors who understand the tech journey and experience unique to underrepresented groups in tech.

Why we’re doing this:
We place a high value on kindness and growth, both of which are essential to nurturing people and talent.

  • Full–time employment: Successful programme graduates will transition to a full-time technical position at Bumble.

Why we’re doing this:
We’re fully committed to reducing gender disparity in tech and are looking to build long-term solutions for this industry-wide challenge. We believe bringing on successful graduates as full-time employees is the best way to provide continued support for women+ in tech and cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce. If you only have one gender designing solutions in tech, it will inherently create missed opportunities and gaps in the marketplace. This is why we need women+ to be at the table when building the tools that the Bumble community needs to make safe and equitable connections.

  • An interest in coding
  • A good level of English
  • To be brave enough to suck at something new—until you don’t
  • Ability to learn how to learn:
    Much of learning how to code is about learning to solve problems on your own. We’ll guide you and teach you the best practices, but it’s up to you to learn what works best for you.
  • The motivation to transform your career
  • A background in Maths or another STEM discipline
  • Your own computer—as part of the full term employment offer, Bumble will offer the following choice of equipment:
    • Desktop/Laptop: MacBook Pro i9 32Gb RAM 16″ touch-bar.
    • Keyboard, mouse, monitor -> tell us your preferences -> Dell 4k 27″ or 32”, trackpad or mouse, keyboards, hubs, etc. keyboard with layout in Spanish or British/US
    • Headphones: Bose QC 35(Over ear)/Apple air-pod(in-ear)
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Bumble & CodeOp
Matching Values

Bumble and CodeOp have a strong drive for DE&I, and as tech companies founded by women, we understand the journey we want to help you take.

Together, we aim to double down on Bumble’s core value of empowering women to make the first move. Bumble and CodeOp will work to provide the comprehensive training and resources needed to encourage, support, and equip our trainees with the skills that will allow them to thrive in the industry.

To learn more about Bumble, you can visit our website or follow our socials. You can also check out our Bumble Team site for more information about Bumble’s culture and current career opportunities.


I'm a man. Can I do this programme?


Bumble Academy is a programme for women, trans and non-gender conforming people. If you identify with any of these groups, then you’re welcome to apply.

Do I need a visa to do this programme? 


You must currently be eligible to work in the EU. Please note that EU, EEA and Swiss citizens have the right to live, work and study in Spain without a visa or permit, but if you’re staying longer than three months, you’ll have to register with the authorities and obtain a residence certificate.

I don’t have an EU-work permit. Can Bumble sponsor me?


No. Bumble will not be able to provide sponsorships for work visas at this time.

What will the outcome of the programme be?


Those who successfully complete the programme will transition to a full-time junior software developer role based at the Bumble Barcelona office.

Can I attend the programme as a remote participant?


The training course will be instructor led and in-person. It’s therefore a requirement to be based in Barcelona both for the duration of the course and for the duration of employment with Bumble.

What language will the programme be run in?


The program will be in English. A proficient level of English is necessary to be accepted on the programme, and the primary language in the Bumble Barcelona office is also English.

Will housing be provided?


Neither CodeOp or Bumble can provide housing at this time. CodeOp students are eligible to receive low-cost accommodations through our partner BlueStripe. We also recommend using the Badi app, which makes it very easy to find a good room and compatible roommates.

Will transportation costs be provided?


No. Neither CodeOp or Bumble can cover the cost of travel from your location to Barcelona.

Do I need to have a computer?


As part of the full term employment offer, Bumble will offer the following choice of equipment:

  • Desktop/Laptop: MacBook Pro i9 32Gb RAM 16″ touch-bar.
  • Keyboard, mouse, monitor -> tell us your preferences -> Dell 4k 27″ or 32”, trackpad or mouse, keyboards, hubs, etc. keyboard with layout in Spanish or British/US
  • Headphones: Bose QC 35(Over ear)/Apple air-pod(in-ear))

Will I be required to buy any other materials for school?


No. Everything you need will be provided as part of the programme.

I don’t have a coding background. Can I still apply?


Yes, although we encourage you to try coding through the various free resources online to determine whether or not you enjoy it. Here are some courses to get you started:

If I am not selected for the Bumble Tech Academy programme, can I still attend a CodeOp bootcamp?


Yes. The Bumble Academy program is a competitive process, so in the case that you are not selected for the Bumble program you may still be eligible to attend a CodeOp bootcamp. In this case, you would not be eligible for any of the Bumble Employee perks and you would be responsible for paying the course tuition.

Are there any age requirements to participate in the programme?


CodeOp has trained women+ between the ages of 18-48 years old. We welcome all women+ above the age of 17 to apply.

What will my salary be during my studies?


€25,000 gross

Will I have to pay for the bootcamp?


No. Your technical training will be paid for by Bumble.

Where in Barcelona will I be studying?


At CodeOp’s Barcelona campus.

Where in Barcelona will the Junior Developer position be based?


Bumble has a Hybrid workplace model – working from home or office but within commuting distance from the office. These positions will be available at our centrally located Barcelona office.

Will childcare be provided?


Bumble’s Barcelona office offers a nursery ticket plan that can help reduce the costs of childcare. We can also provide you with resources should you need to find a local provider.