SubVersions Series #4: Venture Capitalism & Social Impact Projects

Chats highlighting the people & projects on tech's margins. We speak to Taryn Andersen about NGOs, social impact, & venture capitalism.

Product Management 101 w/ Quyhn Phan (Lyft)

Being a product manager is one of the most exciting jobs you can have these days. Learn more about Product Management and what working as a PM is like from Quyhn Phan, PM at Lyft.

Online Advertising from a Data Perspective w/ Marta ExpĆ³sito (Exoclick)

Learn how data analysis can be applied to find important insights in online advertising and some of the projects that've been developed inside the BI department of ExoClick.

Finding Places: An Introduction to Nominatim

A technical introduction to Nominatim, the most popular open-source search engine for data from OpenStreetMap.

Finding Your Career in the Tech Industry

Guidance on tech careers. Understand what kind of tech jobs your skills could be a match for and discover the skills needed for certain roles & how you can get them

A Talk on Impostor Syndrome w/ Matteo Bruno (Ubeeqo)

Senior Software Engineer at Ubeeqo, Matteo Bruno, joins us to talk about his impostor syndrome and his own personal story.

A Beginner’s Guide to Product Management

How do you get into Product Management? We speak to both new and experienced product managers about their experiences breaking into Product Management

Myth vs Reality in Product w/ Manuel Bruscas (eDreams)

A talk about the myths and realities of working in Product. Can you handle the truth? If so, watch this session.