Data Analytics: Student Project Showcase

In this showcase, CodeOp students present their Data Analytics projects to showcase the concepts & skills they’ve learnt in our bootcamp.

Online Advertising from a Data Perspective w/ Marta Expósito (Exoclick)

Learn how data analysis can be applied to find important insights in online advertising and some of the projects that've been developed inside the BI department of ExoClick.

10 Things to Know to Become a Data Driven Professional

An interactive info session about data analytics and how it can add more value to your current career/help open up new career possibilities.

Graduate stories – Hyojung Lee: From neuroscience to data analytics

We chat with Hyojung about her decision to go from studying neuroscience to switching to learn data analytics, as well as her bootcamp experience.

The Top 9 Skills Needed to Break into Data Science in 2022

Understand the essential skills you need to break into or get further along in data science in 2022.