Is a Coding Bootcamp Worth It? Find out.

Is a Coding Bootcamp Worth It? Find out Now!

There are a lot of things to weigh up when it comes to figuring out whether a coding bootcamp is worth it or not, especially as it’s something that can be, for many people life-changing. 

In light of such a big decision, we thought it might be helpful to give you some insights into why exactly coding bootcamps are worth your time, in addition to how to land a coding job after you’ve completed one.

Are coding bootcamps worth the time?

Coding bootcamps are naturally designed with time management in mind, often leading you down the fast track to a new, high-paying job in technology. Most bootcamp programs are designed to offer you shorter class times with a more precise and in-depth education; coupled with lower tuition costs than traditional universities.

A bootcamp will, of course, still demand some of your time on either a part-time or full-time basis depending on your personal availability, along with a modest tuition cost. However, it will be nowhere near the same financial, or time commitment demanded from a full-time university program of two to four years.

With all of this combined, you’re looking at shorter graduation to job placement time frames coupled with an average 25% increase in overall income and a new set of highly sought-after skills within the growing jobs sector of technology. Not too shabby.

What type of bootcamp should I attend?

With CodeOp, you have the choice to attend one of two bootcamps, either the Full Stack Development or Data Analytics bootcamp. The Full Stack Development bootcamp is offered both as a part-time and full-time course. The Data Analytics bootcamp is offered as a part-time course only.

With any decision, it can help to begin with the end in mind, first. What are your personal goals for education and career development? Do you already have experience in coding and programming? If so, do you want to play towards your strengths or improve your weaknesses? What job are you looking for after your course is completed? Will you be able to commit to either a full-time or part-time education time frame? These are all questions to seriously consider when you’re deciding on the type of bootcamp you’d like to attend.

Once you have your end goal in mind and know how much time you have available to commit to a coding bootcamp, you should consider cost and location. At CodeOp, we offer affordable coding bootcamps in both Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur.

Why does location matter? Both of our bootcamps are based in some of the world’s leading cities in technology, where the cost of living is very affordable. A higher quality of life and more affordable cost of living coupled with low-cost tuition and access to a greater number of tech companies after you graduate all adds up to a great way to kickstart your career in tech.

How easy is it to get a job after completing a bootcamp?

Jobs in coding are constantly in demand by both leading technology companies and new technology startups. With the right combination of education and experience, you’ll be able to find a job opportunity that fits what you’re looking for post bootcamp..

Choosing a coding bootcamp with a dedicated career coach and job offer guarantee, such as CodeOp, provides you with a distinct advantage over other applicants in the field, as you can gain access to an educational and career network that can continue to help you beyond the completion of your course. Thanks to our job offer guarantee, 100% of our graduates have secured a job offer at a tech company within two months of completing our bootcamps. 

On average, according to Course Report, 85% of  coding bootcamp graduates will be placed in jobs within 120 days, with a staggering 33% of graduates placed within 30 days.

How much will I earn after a coding bootcamp?

What you earn after a developer boot camp will be determined by the type of bootcamp you completed, your prior education, experience, and of course the networks available to you in your chosen field. With CodeOp, you’ll have access to a great network of educators and employers after your bootcamp education is complete to help you continue the journey into tech that you started with us.

Considering that a career transition into becoming a developer boasts an average salary increase of $24,000,coding bootcamps can definitely be worth the short amount of time investment needed. Individuals with prior education and experience within various technology-related fields can expect to earn, on average, a salary of $70,698 after completing a bootcamp. 

How can I calculate the ROI?

A typical bootcamp will take the average student anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete. So, the first thing you’ll want to calculate when it comes to checking ROI is your total expenditure.

You can figure this out by finding out the total cost of tuition of the bootcamp, plus the cost of maintaining your basic living expenses, and rent for this period in time.

You’ll then want to take note of the median average salary for an individual after completing a bootcamp—$65,000 for an entry-level position. How does that figure compare to what you’re currently making? Work out the difference and you’ll get a rough estimate of your bootcamp ROI. If you take into consideration different bootcamp locations, where the cost of living can often be cheaper than where you’re currently based, you could be looking at better numbers.

What our students think after attending our bootcamp

With an average rating of five stars, CodeOp’s students have some great things to say about their bootcamp experience. You can read their personal student reviews provided by the Course Report to get more insights into their experiences on our courses—the coding and programming languages they were taught and what the job search process was like after graduation. 

Tips to make your coding bootcamp a worthwhile experience

Based on the statistical data that’s been collected to date regarding bootcamp graduates, the outlook after you graduate is likely going to be positive, making it possible for you to achieve the result you wanted initially when contemplating a career transition into tech.

It’s important to remember, however, that these figures are averages, and there are many other ways to improve not only your new educational experience but also the chances of landing your preferred job after you graduate.

Compare reviews on other bootcamps

You can gain insight into the experience of other students through their reviews and experiences shared through websites such as Course Report.

A seamless, one size fits all experience is near impossible to create, but if a bootcamp has an overall positive review from students, educators, and employers alike, you can be sure that it’s one to seriously consider.

Research the success of past graduates from your chosen bootcamp

The world of social media is a great place to gain insight and learn from prior bootcamp graduates. Go ahead and look up past graduates of a coding bootcamp you’re interested in and see what positions they’re working in after completing their bootcamp education. If you have a prior connection with them, you could reach out with a personal message via LinkedIn or Facebook.

Know what you can afford

The options for financial assistance  when it comes to learning how to code are numerous, depending on your choice of school. It’s important to take into consideration a range of factors when choosing a school to make sure your experience doesn’t end up being a financial burden that might cause you worry over the course of the bootcamp, as well as after.

Some bootcamps, like CodeOp, offer interest-free, deferred payment plans or loans to make it easier for anyone wanting to get into tech concerned about funding their course. 

Don’t expect to stop working after you graduate

In truth, post bootcamp is when the real work begins. It’s important to brush up on your technical interview skills and stay on top of organizing and performing your job search.

Reach out to the new education network that you created with your bootcamp and remember to never stop coding. Find time to work on personal projects to add to your coding or programming portfolio and keep your skills in shape throughout your job search.

So, are coding bootcamps worth your time?

By now you must know the answer is an absolute, yes!

Coding bootcamps are an excellent investment for your future—from a 50% average increase in salary and a continued 25% increase after your first job, it would be hard to argue otherwise. 

There’s a growing need for tech professionals in the industry which means job opportunity security is high for anyone wanting to enter into this field. Learning how to code at a school such as CodeOp could be the next step in securing a sound and relevant future-proof career.