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Level: Beginners & Refreshers

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Learn the basics
of programming
with Python

Interested in learning a computer programming language but unsure where to begin? Our Intro to Programming course is a great place to start!

Authored and taught by experts in the field, this course is for beginners and open to anyone who wants to learn the basics of programming with Python in a more flexible and convenient format.

Why learn Python?

The power of learning Python

Python is a high-level programming language—its simple syntax and semantics make it the ideal language to start learning how to code. It’s also a general-purpose language, which means you can use it in virtually any application domain. Building restful APIS, designing recommender systems or creating charts and graphs are just some examples of tasks you can implement using Python.

In addition to its standard library, Python’s capabilities are extended with many Free and Open Source libraries, for instance in the field of data analytics and machine learning. With all these features, it’s not surprising that Python is considered to be one of the most recommended languages to learn to become a Data Analyst/Data Scientist.














What is Python, and how we can write and execute Python code.

Data structures

Data structures for creating more complex programs: tuples, dictionaries and JSON.


The fundamental atoms of programming: variables, mathematical operators, logical operators, and boolean arithmetic.


Leverage the use of the standard modules and install new packages.

Control structures

Control structures for developing dynamic programs: functions, error handling, conditionals and loops.


Basic of object Oriented Programming.

Learning support

This course gives you the flexibility to learn when and where it’s convenient for you, while also providing the structure, accountability, real-time mentoring, and community which is often needed to take learners to the next level.

It’s a step beyond solo learning that encourages you to work independently and develop troubleshooting skills, while still being supported and part of an active community.

Why choose a
CodeOp course?

Flexible & convenient learning with all the support

Enjoy the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you, while benefiting from the structure, accountability, mentoring, and community support that will help you reach the next level.

Learn at a pace & price that suits you

You can take each of our 100% online courses as a standalone or take all three together, all without the time and financial commitment of joining a full- or part-time bootcamp.

Introductory courses for women+

If you’re interested in learning about programming or data analytics but unsure where to begin, our step-by-step courses are a great place to start. You'll learn from women+, while studying together with other women+ in a supportive online community.

Enjoy a discount on future bootcamps

If you decide you want to continue your technical journey and join one of our bootcamps after completing any or all of our courses, you'll get a discount on any bootcamp you choose.

Add a technical project to your work portfolio

You'll have the opportunity to showcase your newly learned skills through hands-on projects, adding a big boost to your CV and portfolio.

Access our global graduate network & community

If you decide you want to continue your technical journey and join one of our bootcamps after completing any or all of our courses, you'll get a discount on any bootcamp you choose.

Build your skills, as you build
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Are there any prerequisites for taking the course?


No! This course has absolutely no prerequisites. As long as you have some experience with day to day use of computers, you’ll be able to complete the course.

How long is the course?


The course consists of 21 hours of learning (including assignments), distributed over a maximum of 1 month.

Is this a self-paced course?


Yes. You can complete the classes and assignments whenever it’s convenient for you. We do recommend that you make sure to allocate enough time to complete each class from beginning to end, once you start a class.

How much is the course?


The course costs 99€, which is made as a one-time payment. The course fee is not refundable.

Do I have to install any programs before starting the course?


Yes. Before starting the course, you’ll need to:

  • Install Python3, if it’s not already installed on your Operating System.
  • Install Visual studio code.
  • Install the ubuntu app (Windows users, only).
  • Create an account on Github.
  • Join the class Slack workspace.

All of these are free and we’ll give you further details on how to install them before starting the course.

What can I do after I’ve completed the course?


This course is for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of computer programming, whether it’s out of general interest, to improve your current skill set, or in pursuit of a career in data analytics. This course acts as a standalone course, or it can be combined with Module 2: Python for DA, and Module 3: Database Essentials.

How does the course differ from your Data Analytics Bootcamp?


This course corresponds to the first module of the DA bootcamp. It’s not an introduction to data analytics, but it’s an extremely useful stepping stone if you’re planning to get deeper into it. You can also upgrade to our DA bootcamp at a discounted price after completing this course.

Can this course prepare me for becoming a web developer? 


This course is not an introduction to web development and isn’t enough to support a transition to a career as a developer, though it could be a first step in that direction. Learning Python is also a necessary first step if you want to learn frameworks such as Django or Flask.

Is the course 100% online?


Yes, the course is entirely online. You’ll receive real-time mentoring, and able to join our Slack community to ask and get answers to any questions you have. After the course, you’ll get access to our global alumni network of CodeOpers who are always ready to mentor and support you.

Can I upgrade to your Data Analytics Bootcamp after taking this course?


Yes. You can upgrade to our DA bootcamp at a discounted price after taking this course and any of the other course modules.