Online Database Essentials Course

• Learn the essentials of databases in 1 month
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Level: Advanced Beginners: Familiar with Python, the Bash Shell, Git

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  • Get access to real-time mentoring

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Learn the essentials
of SQL and NoSQL

Databases are the backbone of operational web applications and data analytics projects. Our Database Essentials course will guide you through learning all about SQL and NoSQL databases, and help you to understand when it makes sense to use one or the other.

You’ll also learn how to install these databases, locally and on the cloud, using modern virtualisation techniques, and how to access them from within your applications with a structured course that’s authored and taught by experts in the field.

Why learn Database Essentials?

Serious data power: PostgreSQL and MongoDB

PostgreSQL is one of the most powerful databases on the market, providing high levels of ACID and SQL compliance. It’s a Free and Open Source database, built with extension in mind. Its popularity puts it ahead of “giants” like Oracle and SQL server, and it's used by companies like Apple, Instagram, and Spotify. If you're serious about working with data, then this is the database for you.

MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database, ranking 5th in database popularity, just after PostgreSQL. It's also a Free and Open Source database, aimed at people who are building web applications that need to evolve quickly and scale elegantly. Uber, Twitter, and Ebay are some of the companies using MongoDB in production.



Relational databases


Deploying databases




Python and databases
Relational databases

Learn about ACID, normalisation, SQL, joins and keys with PostgreSQL.


Learn about document-oriented databases with MongoDB.

Deploying databases

Virtualise databases and deploy them anywhere using Docker, and leverage the use of AWS to create databases on the cloud.

Python and databases

Build database interaction into your applications, using Python.

Learning support

This course gives you the flexibility to learn when and where it’s convenient for you, while also providing the structure, accountability, real-time mentoring, and community which is often needed to take learners to the next level.

It’s a step beyond solo learning that encourages you to work independently and develop troubleshooting skills, while still being supported and part of an active community.

Why choose a
CodeOp course?

Flexible & convenient learning with all the support

Enjoy the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you, while benefiting from the structure, accountability, mentoring, and community support that will help you reach the next level.

Learn at a pace & price that suits you

You can take each of our 100% online courses as a standalone or take all three together, all without the time and financial commitment of joining a full- or part-time bootcamp.

Introductory courses for women+

If you’re interested in learning about programming or data analytics but unsure where to begin, our step-by-step courses are a great place to start. You'll learn from women+, while studying together with other women+ in a supportive online community.

Enjoy a discount on future bootcamps

If you decide you want to continue your technical journey and join one of our bootcamps after completing any or all of our courses, you'll get a discount on any bootcamp you choose.

Add a technical project to your work portfolio

You'll have the opportunity to showcase your newly learned skills through hands-on projects, adding a big boost to your CV and portfolio.

Access our global graduate network & community

If you decide you want to continue your technical journey and join one of our bootcamps after completing any or all of our courses, you'll get a discount on any bootcamp you choose.

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One time payment

Courses start every week


Are there any prerequisites for taking the course?


This course is open to anyone who is already familiar with Python, the Bash Shell and Git.

If you’re not familiar with any of these yet, or have never used Python before, we recommend that you complete course Module 1: Intro to Programming and/or Module 2: Python for DA, before taking this one.

How long is the course?


The course consists of 24 hours of learning (including assignments), distributed over a maximum of 1 month. It’s implemented through 3 weekly sub-modules (lectures + activities) and a final project. One sub-module is released each week with weekly deadlines for the sub-module activities. The recommended time to complete each sub-module is within 6 hours.

The project should also be completed within a week with a recommended time for completing the project of 6 hours.

Is this a self-paced course?


Yes. You can complete the classes and assignments whenever it’s convenient for you. We do recommend that you make sure to allocate enough time to complete each class from beginning to end, once you start a class.

How much is the course?


The course costs €99, which is made as a one-time payment. The course fee is not refundable.

Do I have to install any programs before starting the course?


Yes, Before starting the course, you’ll need to:

  • Install Python3, if it’s not already installed on your OS
  • Install PostgreSQL
  • Install Docker and Docker-compose for your OS
  • Install Visual studio code
  • Install the ubuntu app (Windows users, only)
  • Create an account on Github
  • Join the class Slack workspace

All of these are free and we’ll give you further details on how to install them before starting.

What can I do after I’ve completed the course?


Whether you’re a data analyst, who wants to know how to query data and answer business or research questions, a full-stack developer who wants to strengthen your knowledge on the backend, or someone who wants to step into the field of data engineering, this course will give you a solid foundation to reach those goals.

How does the course differ from your Data Science bootcamp?


The bootcamp is a longer course, and it provides you with an industry-ready toolkit to build your data science career. It takes you all the way from learning how-to code and use databases, to more advanced topics such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or Geographic Information Systems. It also includes two longer projects, one of which is collaborative.

Can this course prepare me for becoming a Data Analyst/Engineer?


This course is not a data engineering course, but it does teach you some of the required skills to become a data engineer.Additionally, although it doesn’t provide you with all the skills you need to become a Data Analyst, when combined with the second module, it could put you on the path for a position in that field.

Can I upgrade to your Data Science bootcamp after taking this course?


Yes. You can upgrade to our Data Science bootcamp at a discounted price after taking this course and/or any of the other course modules.

Is the course 100% online?


Yes, the course is entirely online. You’ll receive real-time mentoring, and able to join our Slack community to ask and get answers to any questions you have. After the course, you’ll get access to our global graduate network of CodeOpers who are always ready to mentor and support you.