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Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to strengthen your technical profile, we'll help you find the best course of study that works for your goals.

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Full Stack Development

Remote | Barcelona | Kuala Lumpur

Launch your tech career with an entry-level bootcamp. Learn the skills you need to become a software developer and build your own web applications.

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Data Science

Location: Remote | Barcelona | Kuala Lumpur

Level up your career with our Data Science course. Equip yourself with an industry-ready toolbox to identify & solve the common problems data teams face in business.

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Product Management

Location: Remote

Shape your tech career & entrepreneurial skills. Develop the know-how to define products that drive strong user adoption & revenue growth. 

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Learn with a global community of women+

Community is at the heart of the learning experience at CodeOp. Our students get ownership over their education process in a safe space where they can foster meaningful collaboration and conversations.

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Our graduate outcomes

Recruiters and companies come directly to our diverse and inclusive community keen to recruit our highly-trained graduates. In 2020, 90% of CodeOp students were hired within 6 months of completing their bootcamps.



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% of graduates actively seeking employment

Rosanne K

Before CodeOp

Medical Writer

After CodeOp

Software Development Consultant, FAO (EuFMD branch)

Fernanda A

Before CodeOp

Digital Marketing Specialist

After CodeOp

Product Owner at Sage

Beatrice R

Before CodeOp

SEM & Social Ads Manager

After CodeOp

Full Stack Engineer, Eventbrite

Mary M

Before CodeOp

Private Tutor

After CodeOp

Associate Technician, Ordnance Survey

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Enjoy a transformative learning experience. Study in an environment that fosters collaborative learning over competitive learning and feel success and challenge on a daily basis.


Class sizes of 15 students with a ratio of 1 instructor for every 5 students guaranteeing one-on-one attention.


Expert-led, rigorous courses that are based on the strongest technical curricula in tech education.


Role models and mentors who understand the journey and experience unique to underrepresented groups in tech.


Career coaching and training during and after courses, access to graduate network, recruiters, mentors, and events.


Education and preparation in translating past careers into technical careers, salary negotiation, and leadership.

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Our students enjoy dedicated career coaching and training during and after the bootcamp journey, which includes mentorship, mock technical and HR interviews, and soft skills and personal growth workshops. Learn more

Build your skills & grow your career

Showcase your ability with project-based learning. Our students explore real-world challenges and problems, while building a job-ready portfolio to show recruiters and current employers.

"With CogLearnApp we want to help break down the stigma and barriers surrounding learning disabilities."

See our Full stack Development Bootcamp
See our Full stack Bootcamp

"ShareIt is an online marketplace for lending and borrowing products from people in your neighbourhood"

See our Full stack Development Bootcamp
See our Full stack Bootcamp

We help you focus on learning now


Our wide range of flexible, low cost payment plans and scholarship opportunities allow our students to minimise the financial barriers associated with the costs of technical bootcamps. You can choose to study now and pay later when it's more affordable for you.

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Donna C

Above and beyond. I was blown away at the amount and intensity of the material they teach you. Even with the part-time full-stack program, it was difficult, especially when juggling a full-time job. Despite the workload, I was in awe at how warm and welcoming the community was from day one.

Sofia M

For me, doing a bootcamp at CodeOp made me feel that a transition to tech was absolutely the right thing to do. The content of the course is quite intense but really complete. Not only that, but the instructors are great and super supportive, and the diversity really contributes with a nice environment that help us to thrive and learn.

Naima M

I was worried as I started the CopeOp Product Manager Bootcamp in April, I wasn't sure that I would make it to the end. But after that first class, I was sold. The instructor made sure that she was available for one on one's to make sure that you could go over concepts that you were having issues with. I was also able to take what I was learning and apply it to my day to day work outside of class. CodeOp created an environment that went beyond teaching skills, fostered a sense of community and collaboration.

Antonia V

I've been 10 years unemployed (as a stay-at-home mom) and I wanted to come back to the tech industry, but my confidence levels were a bit low. I searched for academies focused on bringing women and other minorities into tech because I needed some encouragement, not just training. And I get the encouragement I needed and much more! The Data Analytics course makes me feel now super confident to restart my career.

Susan H

I specifically liked the depth of the course material and the fact that I can always re-watch my classes for reference as I put my skills to practice. The quality of course contents is excellent and well-coordinated, the entire CodeOp community is vey friendly and helpful; the communication and feedback between the leaners, instructors and alumni is timely and excellent!


If you start with zero coding experience like I did, you might feel a bit lost at first, but everything starts making sense in the project phase when building web applications. Moreover, CodeOp offers comprehensive career guidance vis-à-vis the tech industry's hiring process, which helps to understand better what the job market looks like and what to expect in your technical interview.

Rosanne K

The way CodeOp has supported me (and still continues to support me) has been amazing. I always felt comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. What I really loved was their personal approach. If you want to be challenged, you can get more difficult assignments. If you're struggling with a certain topic, you'll get more 1 on 1 support.

Viktoria T

The CEO and all the teachers are amazing. I checked out other bootcamps, what they can offer and honestly think CodeOp's curriculum is the best. They offer really good workshops also during the bootcamp. I finished my course remotely because of COVID-19 and they were so well-prepared for the fast change. I highly reccomend the school.

Lillian T

I've attended a full stack development bootcamp with CodeOp Techsprint in the Kuala Lumpur campus. Two weeks after graduation, I've managed to secure a software engineering internship due to the job support they have provided post-bootcamp. The instructor and staff are genuinely encouraging in the students' learning and progress. I would highly recommend CodeOp to anyone!

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